Sunday, April 22, 2018

Julie’s Hershey’s National Contest Winner Announcement

Here's the result for Julie’s Hershey’s National Contest. Congratulations to all winners! Source: Julie's Biscuits FB Page

Rexona Korea Fever Contest Winner Announcement

Congrats to all winners! For full list of winners, click here.

“Dare to Dream with Ricola” Contest Winner Announcement

Congratulations to all winners! In case some of you are going to ask who won the Volkswagen Beetle, the answer is no one. The 1st...

Energizer Transformers: The Last Knight Contest Winners Announcement

Congratulations to all winners! The Grand Prize winner must be quite an artist, too bad we won't get to see his masterpiece.  

OREO “Dunk & Win” Grand Prize Winner Announcement

Congrats to the Grand Prize winner and kudos to some of the readers here who won the iPhone 7. For the full winners list, click...

Mr Muscle Clean Less Live More Contest Winners List

For the full list of winners, please visit the official website here.

Pharmaton “Reward Your Achievement” Contest Winners List

Congratulations to all winners!

Unilever “Kempen Pulangan Hebat” Contest Winners List

Congratulations! To see the winners list at the official contest website, click here.

Nescafe’s “Ong Mari! Jom Menang!” Contest Winners List

Congratulations to all winners! Weekly winners list can be viewed here: Day 1 - 28 Day 29 - 56

FARMHOUSE Drink, Indulge and Win Contest Winners List

Congratulations winners!