Win a Honda HR-V (Ends 31/10/20)

-637Days -16Hours -22Minutes -44Seconds

Join L’Oreal Paris Total Hair Contest today and you could win yourself a Honda HR-V! Samsung Galaxy S20+ BTS Edition and Samsung Galaxy Buds+ BTS Edition are also up for grabs.

To join the contest, follow the steps above. For terms, click here.

My contest secrets are as follows:

Start thinking of a good slogan. Winners will be determined by the best and most creative slogans. There are only 5 variants of L’Oreal Paris Elseve to choose from for your slogan (Keratin Smooth, Fall Resist x3, Color Protect, Total Repair 5 and 6 Oil Nourish). So, use beautiful words, be funny and rhyme like there is no tomorrow!

Prepare many slogans and choose the best ones. Creativity is subjective, you could be writing such a good slogan that the whole world loves it, but the judges just think otherwise. For me, I’ll usually send a few entries. Each of my slogans will have a different characteristic to cater to different types of judges, some are funny, some are product-related, some are personal and some are with difficult words that even the judges get confused.

No one is born to be a great slogan writer, everyone starts from somewhere. You may be surprised that your newbie slogan is THE SLOGAN the judges are looking for. So, give this contest a shot!


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