Win RM3,000 Monthly Salary for 3 Years (Ends 31/8/20)

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It’s been a while since I last post here. The MCO really affected everyone including the contest community. I hope everyone is safe out there because the contests are picking up again!

Stand a chance to win RM3,000 monthly salary for 3 years (RM108,000) when you join Nivea’s Buy & Win contest today! Special Prize worth RM1,500 (RM750 monthly salary and RM750 Nivea products for 12 months) and weekly prize (RM300 cash) are also up for grabs.

To participate in the contest, follow the steps below:

  1. Purchase a minimum of RM30 worth of one or more NIVEA or NIVEA MEN Products in a single original valid receipt.
  2. Send your full name, MyKad number, telephone number, email & receipt via WHATSAPP to 017-8988100 OR join the contest via website.
  3. Answer the question, “In what year, was the cream in the blue tin, known as NIVEA Crème first created and marketed?” a) 1511, b) 1911 or (c) 2011

For more T&C, click here.

My contest secrets are as follows:

Send all your entries together at the same time. Every 30th entry (e.g. 30th, 60th, 90th…) will win the weekly prize (limited to 50 winners a week) and every 888th entry will win the Special Prize, provided you answer the question correctly. Every RM30 spent in a single receipt gives you a serial number. If you spend RM90, you will get 3 serial numbers. If you send in a receipt with RM900 worth of Nivea products, you will definitely win the RM300 weekly prize, but that’s not worth it. What I’m trying to say is you have a better chance of winning when you lock-in a few consecutive serial numbers than splitting your entries and sending them out at random.

Join in August if you are targetting the Grand Prize. For the Grand Prize, you need to be the 12,888th Qualified Entry or the 25,776th Qualified Entry. I personally don’t think it is possible for the contest to achieve 12,888th entry within one month. You probably have a better chance in August.

Looks like Nivea is trying to imitate Nestle’s “Salary for Life” contest but at a smaller scale. Also, the tricky part, to achieve the 12,888th Qualified Entry, consumers need to buy at least RM386,640 worth of Nivea products within July-August 2020, if Nivea can’t achieve their targeted sales, that means no one will win the Grand Prize.

I’ll try my luck on the weekly RM300, stay safe, people!



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