Win a Honda City (Ends 30/9/20)

-638Days -17Hours -58Minutes -27Seconds

Energizer is giving you a chance to win a Honda City through their Recharge 2020 Contest. Overpriced Dyson products like Hair Dryer, Standing Fan and Vacuum Cleaner are also up for grabs as monthly prizes. I get to say this because I recently got my battery replacement for my vacuum cleaner which cost me a bomb!

To join the contest, follow the steps below:

  1. Buy RM15 worth of Energizer batteries
  2. Fill up the Energizer Contest Form & solve the crossword puzzle
  3. Submit via Mail or WhatsApp

For more details, please visit the terms and conditions page.

My contest secrets are as follows:

Focus your entries in August. There are two reasons for this. Firstly, the lucky draw mechanism for this contest is “total number of qualified entries received during the Contest Period divided by 2”. You won’t be able to win the car if you send your entries at the beginning and at the end of the contest.

Secondly, the Dyson Hair Dryer (Month 1 Prize) is overrated and the Vacuum Cleaner (Month 3 Prize) only works for 10 minutes after a full charge a year later. You will want to go for the Standing Fan (Month 2 Prize) which is a far better prize.

I’m going old school this time by sending my entries through the mail, it’s been too long since I won anything using WhatsApp. Since Mail is mentioned before WhatsApp, do you think the organizer prefers mail over WhatsApp? Let’s find out.


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