Win RM3,000 a Month for Life (Ends 30/4/20)

-791Days -16Hours -49Minutes -28Seconds

Here’s your chance to win RM3,000 a month for life! Consolation Prize of RM3,000 a month for a year (RM36,000) and Weekly Prize of RM500 are also up for grabs!

To join the contest, follow the step below:

For more information, please visit the official website.

My contest secrets are as follows:

Join the first round of the contest (14/2/20 – 12/3/20). There are two rounds to this contest where 6 participants will be shortlisted based on lucky draw to participate in an event to determine the Grand Prize winner and Consolation Prize winners. Round 1 lasts for 4 weeks and Round 2 lasts for 7 weeks. It will be more difficult to be shortlisted in Round 2 because more entries can be expected from a longer round, so I would focus my entries on Round 1.

If you win the Grand Prize, live a healthy life. If you can live for the next 35 years, the maximum you can get from the Grand Prize is RM1,760,000. That’s RM1,260,000 from the RM3,000 a month salary for 420 months (35 years) plus a bonus of RM500,000 at the end of the 35-year period. If the winner could only live for 2 years after winning the Grand Prize, he/she will only get RM72,000 plus RM500,000 for his/her beneficiary. If you are really old or have some kind of terminal illness, it is best if you get someone who is close to you and in healthy condition to join the contest for you. However, life is full of surprises, nothing is certain for the next 35 years.

Every RM15 spent in a receipt gives you 1 entry (e.g. RM60 in a single receipt is 4 entries), splitting the receipt is not really necessary, so take it easy on the cashier as

I hope I can at least win 1 of the 50 weekly prizes (RM500). Are you ready to give Nestle’s Biggest Contest in Malaysia a shot?


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