Win RM8,888 (Ends 29/2/20)

-852Days -16Hours -40Minutes -38Seconds

Take part in Shokubutsu’s Swipe and Win Contest today to be in the running to win RM8,888 cash. Aside from the Grand Prize, there 290 more cash prizes to be won!

To participate in the contest, follow the steps below:

For terms and conditions, click here.

My contest secrets are as follows:

Swipe daily. You will get a free swipe every day, make sure you use it. You can also invite one FB friend a day to get an extra free swipe. That’s two free swipes a day. You can only get one extra swipe a day from inviting FB friends, so don’t blast your invitation to everyone on the same day!

Combo the contest with Guardian’s Wheel of Fortune Contest. RM38 purchase in a single receipt at Guardian entitles you to a gold spin. You can win up to RM10,000 in voucher if you are lucky. The good news is when you purchase Shokubutsu (participating brand), you get an additional bonus gold spin which doubles your chances of winning. The contest in Guardian ends 2 February 2020, so you might want to buy all your Shokubutsu’s in January.

Add in RM10 worth of Fisherman’s Friend to win an iPhone 11. You will need to spend RM38 at Guardian for the gold spin, but Shokubutsu’s contest only requires RM28. Why not add in RM10 worth of Fisherman’s Friend for another contest. To join this contest, scan the QR code in the image below. Contest ends 15 February 2020.

So far for Shokubutsu’s contest, I’ve received a notification informing me that I’ve won RM38, but I have not been contacted by the organizers yet. That’s through special swipes (RM28 purchase), I have not won anything from the free swipe. Also, you can win multiple prizes using special swipes, but free swipes will limit you to one prize only.

Good luck!


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