Win RM88,888 Cash (Ends 8/2/20)

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Would like to wish everyone a Happy New Year! A new year means new promotional budget, that means more contests for people like us to join.

For 2020, Nestle is giving us a chance to win some cash (as always). Stand a chance to win RM88,888 cash. That’s actually more than my annual salary! Weekly prizes of RM1,888 and daily prizes of RM188 are also up for grabs!

To join the contest, follow the steps below:

Participating Products

For the contest form, click here.

For terms and conditions, click here.

Here are my contest secrets:

Send in as many RM5 entries as you can. Each receipt can only give you one entry (serial number) to the lucky draw no matter how many Nestle products you purchase. What I will usually do is purchase 2 products which will get me to an amount slightly above RM5. I do that about 3 times a week and send in my entries on different days so that I have better chances in winning the daily prize. Remember, don’t buy more than you can drink and regret later.

Use proxies. You can only win a maximum of 1 daily prize, 1 weekly prize and 1 grand prize. If you want to win more, you will need another name, myKad number and contact number. So, get your family and friends to Whatsapp your entries using their phone and personal details (with their consent of course and make sure they split the prize money with you later on if they do win).

Understanding your chances of winning. Nestle contests are always difficult to win due to their effective marketing strategies. You can probably find contest forms in every supermarket and hypermarket. As a result, many people will join their contests making them highly competitive. I’ve only won daily prizes so far. Sending in even one entry is worth it because there is a big difference between having a chance to win and having no chance at all.

Good luck!


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