Win RM1,000,000 (Ends 30/9/19)


Here’s your chance to be a millionaire! All you need to do is join the “Botol-Botol Menang Sejuta” contest today!

To take part in the contest follow the 3 simple steps below:

For more info and terms, click here.

Contest Secrets are as follows:

To make things easy to understand, there are 4 parts to this contest:

  1. Obtain 20 white bottle caps with code to be eligible for the monthly draw.
  2. Be lucky enough to be selected as one of the participants for the monthly Grand Finale.
  3. Become the last man/woman standing by beating the rest of the participants.
  4. Be lucky enough to win RM1,000,000. (The RM1,000,000 is not guaranteed, but the the RM10,000 is. The organizer will probably put you in a box with small pieces of paper flying all over and you have 1 in 100 chance of getting the RM1,000,000 piece)

DO NOT REDEEM UNTIL YOU HAVE 20 CODES! According to clause 4.b.iv and, “Each person/account in Boost app can redeem up to a maximum of twenty (20) rewards throughout the Promotion Period.” and “Eligible winners will be selected from the total participants with twenty (20) valid redemptions received in Boost app during the Promotion Month.” This basically means if you do not redeem 20 codes in month, you will be disqualified from the monthly draw. For example, if you redeem 19 codes in August, you can only redeem 1 more code in September. That won’t qualify you for the September monthly draw.

Decide to join August or September Grand Finale. August Grand Finale will have 10 participants, one participant will have a chance of winning RM1,000,000. September Grand Finale will have 20 participants and the top 2 participants will have a shot in winning RM1,000,000. Right now, it is really difficult to find the white bottle caps as most supermarkets and hypermarkets have yet to replace the old bottles with newer ones. Furthermore, base on my analysis, the chances of getting a coded bottle cap is around 10%. It is probably easier to enter the August Grand Finale, but you will need to search far and wide. Plus you only need to beat 9 people instead of 18!

Improve your chances by looking through the bottle. For clear transparent bottles like Pepsi, Mirinda, Mug and Revive, it is absolutely possible to see part of the code by looking though the bottle from below. By doing so, you get to save money by only buying bottles with code. It is harder to see the code of refrigerated bottles because of the mist, so stick to the room temperature ones. As long as you see a bit of black behind the bottle caps, those are the ones with code.

Buy two bottles and join the “Menang Seribu Sehari” contest. You can follow the steps below and try your luck in winning the daily RM1,000 if you make your purchase in August. Remember to split your receipts if you have more than two bottles for more entries!

As of now, I have 10 coded bottle caps already, it’s 10 more to go for me. However, I’m really horrible at live events because I tend to think too much. Looking at the bright side, as long as I get shortlisted for the event, the RM1,000 consolation prize is guaranteed. Good luck, people!


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