What Petrol Station Contest Should You Join?


If you are someone like me who don’t pump petrol on a weekly basis, this is for you. Let’s take a look at the petrol station contests available out there.

First up, we have PETRONAS Mesra Bonanza. This contest offers participants a chance to win RM100,000 cash and goes on until January 2020. For every two months, there will be 3 winners walking away with RM100,000 cash and 14 more walking away with RM3,000 cash. Not to forget the monthly prize of RM200 worth of Mesra Points!

Next, we have CALTEX Fuel To Win Contest. Grand prize winner will drive home a Volvo XC40 worth RM255,888! Other prizes include RM5,000 petrol cards, engine oils, GoPro, dash cam and Michelin tyres. Contest ends on 31 October 2019.

Lastly, we have BHPetrol’s Merdeka Pump/Shop & Win Contest. Every prize is cash prize and ePoints which ranges from RM62,000 to RM1,000. This contest ends 15 October 2019.

So which contest should you join?

PETRONAS has over 1,000 stations nationwide, CALTEX and BHPetrol have around 400 stations each. Looking at the sheer number of stations, more people will certainly be pumping petrol at PETRONAS. This makes PETRONAS’ contest more competitive and more difficult to win.

PETRONAS requires you to pump RM500 within 2 months to qualify for Grand Prize and 1st Prize draw, CALTEX and BHPetrol only needs RM40. For people who don’t pump a lot of petrol, focusing and alternating on CALTEX and BHPetrol would be a better option. Stick to pumping RM40 every time instead of going for full tank to get more entries and petrol station visits.

My ultimate answer – Join all three contests by prioritizing based on closing dates. Go for BHPetrol in September, CALTEX in October, take a break in November and then join PETRONAS Round 5 from 1 December 2019 to 31 January 2020. Why break in November? PETRONAS Round 4 starts from 1 October 2019 to 30 November 2019, since you already sacrificed October for CALTEX, you only have November to achieve the PETRONAS RM500 target which is tough!

Remember to sign up for FREE membership! Some contest mechanics require you to swipe the membership card for participation, so becoming a member is a must! Furthermore, CALTEX doubles your chances if you use their Journey Card. You can get PETRONAS Mesra card and CALTEX Journey card immediately upon registration at the station, but BHPetrol eCard might take some time as they need to process and mail it to you, you might want to submit your application online or physically at the station earlier.

Contest mechanics. PETRONAS is easy, just swipe your MESRA card and you are in. For BHPetrol, it’s the classical “Attached your receipt to contest form and drop it inside the contest box”. For CALTEX, you need to WhatsApp your details and the receipt (refer to the image below).

Everything is based on lucky draw, wish us luck!


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