Win a Trip to Korea to Meet WINNER (Ends 10/5/19)

-1147Days -17Hours -55Minutes -31Seconds

Here’s your chance to win an all-expenses paid trip to Korea to meet WINNER! Headphones and WINNER merchandises like jackets, T-shirts, tote bags and posters are also up for grabs as weekly prizes. You can play the game to win a Nintendo Switch too!

To participate in the contest, follow the steps below:

Here’s the microsite and the terms.

Contest Secrets are as follows:

Buy the promo pack, join the contest via Whatsapp and play the game! There is no rule saying that you can only join either one with each purchase. One promo pack costs around RM5, use the receipt for Whatsapp and use the codes for the game. The promo pack looks like this and the promo codes for the game are circled in red.

You get 4 promo codes per pack. One on the outside, three on the individual wrappers inside. The promo code outside didn’t work for me, somebody probably used the code without buying the Oreo.

Do keep the receipts and the codes because there’s a clause that says “Semua peserta dikehendaki menyimpan semua pek Promo Oreo dengan kod yang sama yang mereka masukkan semasa tempoh promo dan menghantarnya kepada Penganjur sebagai bukti pembelian semasa proses pengesahan pemenang.” However, I doubt the organizer would ask for the codes.

Buy your Oreo from different places. There are a total of 5 grand prizes, but they are separated according to hypermarkets and convenience stores. Buy from Giant, TESCO, 7-11 and others (e.g. AEON) so that you have access to all 5 grand prizes. Grand prize winners will be determined through lucky draw.

Memorize the answers for the game. For the game, you have to answer a multiple choice quiz within 30 seconds. Below is an example. Aside from the maze, I’ve also seen “Count the numbers of Oreo in the picture”. I’m not sure how many variations are out there. Basically, the game is based on highest entry. I also suspect the faster you answer correctly, the more points you will get.

The competition is pretty crazy at the moment. As you can see from below, the leader has 80390 points. If this person is playing legitimately, she would be spending more than RM1,200 by now which is more than enough to buy a Nintendo Switch. Maybe she is a big fan of WINNER and is aiming for the grand prize to meet them.

Anyway, for the game, I would suggest waiting for a few weeks for the heat to go down. Maybe it would become less competitive?


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