Win a Honda Civic (Ends 28/2/19)

-610Days -4Hours -46Minutes -40Seconds

Stand a chance to win a Honda Civic, a Honda BR-V or a Honda City this Chinese New Year when you participate in Nestle’s Fatt Choy Contest! RM888 weekly cash prize and RM188 daily prize are also up for grabs!

To join the contest, follow the 3 simple steps below:

  1. Purchase RM5 worth of Nestlé’s ready-to-drink products in a single receipt. Please refer to the list below for the participating products.
  2. Answer the question ” Peraduan NESTLÉ® Fatt Choy ini menawarkan Hadiah Utama, Pertama dan Kedua berupa 3 buah kereta berjenama Honda.” Betul atau Salah?
  3. Send your entry via mail or Whatsapp
    • Mail: Download the form here. Send the completed with the receipt attached via normal mail.
    • WhatsApp: Write your name, I/C number and answer on the receipt. Send the photo of the receipt to 012-952 0478

Contest Secrets are as follows:

Use proxies. There are 8 daily prizes a day and 8 weekly prizes a week. That’s 432 daily prizes and 64 weekly prizes in total. If you can get some your proxies to win some of these prizes, you walk away with cold hard cash! Since this is lucky draw, I’m definitely passing my friends some of my RM5 receipts to have them join the contest for me. After all, you can only win one daily, one weekly and one of the cars throughout the contest.

Check the winners list. Judging from past experience, Nestle should release the names of daily and weekly winners on a weekly basis. If that’s the case, you get to recycle your proxies list. If they don’t win any daily or weekly prize on the week they sent their entries, continue to use their names.

Buy from Giant Hypermarket. You get double entry when you purchase from Giant Hypermarket and online platforms like LAZADA, 11Street, Shopee and Qoo10. It doesn’t make sense for you to purchase from online platforms because of the delivery charges. However, if you live or work close to a Giant Hypermarket, you should consider getting the sweet double entry!

Good luck to all of us!


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