Win a Mazda CX-5 (Ends 7/11/18)


Want to win a Mazda CX-5 worth RM132,666? Here’s your chance! Join Watsons Brand Switch.Save.Win. Mazda CX-5 contest today and be two of the lucky winners to drive a home brand-new Mazda CX-5 each!

watsons1 To participate in this contest, follow the steps below:watsons2

Just make sure you remember to swipe your Watsons card when you make your payment at the counter. This is an automated entry contest applicable for both Watsons store and Watsons Online Store. For terms, click here.

Contest Secrets are as follows:

Become a Watsons Elite Member. The most efficient way to get the most entries is by purchasing Watsons Brand products as an Elite Member. You get 10 entries for every RM50 spent. That’s way more than a VIP member (1 entry for Watsons Brand products, 2 entries for participating brands). To be an Elite member, you need to spend RM1,000 cumulatively in 2018 (January onwards) to have your membership upgraded from VIP. The best way to check how much more you need to spend to have your membership upgraded is by login in to your online account.

Get ready for the Grand Finale. A total of 100 participants will be shortlisted randomly for the finale event. The more entries you have, the better chance for you to be shortlisted. However, based on my one-time experience in Watsons Grand Finale event in the past, I find it extremely difficult, tedious and messy. In the first round of the event I attended, it requires you to take selfies, turn them into collage and share on Facebook. Basically, you need to run, crowd with a whole lot of people and jump queue so that you don’t get eliminated.  You need to have your apps ready, so you don’t waste time downloading them during the actual event. Do your homework, so that you can answer the Q&A and lots more. For the Grand Finale, it’s about how prepared you are, not how lucky you are.

I do hope the Grand Finale is different this time as in simpler. I’m not good at live events like this and would prefer a lucky draw to get it over with quickly! Good luck, people!

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C.H. Loh
By day, I work as an analyst for a government think tank. By night, I become an avid comper sharing juicy secrets (pros don't want you to know) on how to win some of the most amazing contests in Malaysia!