Win a Trip to Hawaii (Ends 31/10/18)


Oreo Dunk to Win Contest is back and this time the Grand Prize is a 5D4N trip to Hawaii for 4! Other prizes like American Tourister Travel Luggage, Samsung Galaxy S9 and iPad Mini 4 are also up for grabs!


To take part in the contest, follow the 3 simple steps below:


For terms, click here.

Contest Secrets are as follows:

Make your purchase at Giant or 7-Eleven. To be eligible to win the Samsung Galaxy S9, you need to purchase your Oreo from Giant; while for the iPad Mini 4, you need to make your purchase at 7-Eleven. Most people will probably make their purchases in Giant as Samsung Galaxy S9 has a higher value compared to iPad Mini 4. So, if you want higher chances of winning, but smaller prize, go for 7-Eleven.

Don’t send in your entries at the beginning or ending of the month. Winners of the Samsung Galaxy S9 and iPad Mini 4 will be selected by dividing the total entries received by 2. This means if you want to win, your entry needs to be right at the middle of all entries received in the month. I would send my entries between 2nd and 3rd week of the month.

Focus all your entries using your own name. The Grand Prize is probably non-transferable which means your proxy can’t give you the Hawaii trip even if he/she wins. Unless, you have plans to bring your proxy along if you win and vice-versa, it’s better to focus your entries using your own name.

Good luck!

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C.H. Loh
By day, I work as an analyst for a government think tank. By night, I become an avid comper sharing juicy secrets (pros don't want you to know) on how to win some of the most amazing contests in Malaysia!