Win a Toyota Hilux (Ends 31/12/18)


Join the Red Bull “Penuhi Impian” Contest today and stand a chance to win a brand new Toyota Hilux! A total of 4,960 cash prizes are also up for grabs ranging from RM50 to RM500.


To participate in the contest, follow the 3 simple steps below:


For more info and terms, click here.

Contest Secrets are as follows:

Buy the right Red Bull. You can only join the contest by purchasing Red Bull can, not the glass bottle packaging. Remember to check the label on the can, make sure it has a printed mage of the contest on the can. The organizer is getting smarter. The previous contest mechanism only requires receipt, this means people can resell the purchased products. The new contest mechanism that requires the ring-tab totally eliminates the resale value because you got to open the drink to find out if actually win anything.

Join early, redeem early. The terms clearly stated that the redemption of prizes is based on first come, first served basis. What I am trying to say here is there are probably more than 2 ring-tabs with an image of Toyota Hilux on it, more than 160 ring-tabs for the RM500 cash and so on out there. Organizer probably wants all the prizes to be given out. If you get a ring-tab that has a prize on it, don’t wait, send immediately!

Winning the car won’t be easy, I’ve only been getting ring-tabs with “HD wallpaper” so far. What about you?

Good luck!