Win Flight Tickets to Hokkaido (Ends 28/2/18)


Want to win a pair of flight tickets to Hokkaido, Japan? Here’s your chance to do so in the “Discover White Hokkaido with Ora2” contest! There are also some instant cameras worth RM400 each and car cameras worth RM250 each up for grabs.


To participate in the contest, follow the steps below:


For more information, click here.

Contest secrets are as follows:

Think twice before joining the contest. Previous contest organized buy Ora2 actually offers the full package as Grand Prize. This means you get the flight tickets and accommodation, probably some ground tour packages too. However, for this contest, you will only get the flight tickets. Everything else is going to be borne by you.

Winners chosen based on lucky draw. If you happen to like the unique flavors of the Ora2 mouth rinse and have some extra cash to pay the Japanese, feel free to join the contest. Even though this is a lucky draw contest, past experiences tell me that it is never easy to win Ora2 contests.

Don’t get the toothbrushes! The toothbrushes are so bad, you will regret buying them. Early this year, Ora2 had some sort of scratch-and-win-power-bank contest for the launch of their toothbrush products. I bought a bunch of them, ended up not winning anything and that became my top 10 biggest regrets of 2017!

Honestly, I won’t recommend you to go all out on this contest as the prizes are pretty mediocre. In my opinion, it is silly to provide just the flight tickets. Wouldn’t it be better if the organizer just switch the tickets with an iPhone 8?