Win iPhone 8 (Ends 31/12/17)


Want to be a proud owner of a brand new iPhone 8? The Mamee ‘Makan Sampai Menang’  contest might be just right for you. For each week, 6 units of iPhone 8 will be given out. With this contest running for 7 weeks, that’s 42 units of iPhone 8 in total!


To take part in the contest, follow these 3 simple steps:

Step 1: purchase Mamee cup noodles with the unique code for the contest (see the image below). These unique codes can be found in the products listed below:

· MAMEE CHEF Cup (Chicken Shiitake, Curry Laksa, TomYam or Lontong)
· MAMEE EXPRESS Cup (Chicken, Curry, Vegetarian or Tomyam)
· MAMEE SLLRRRP Cup (Kari Berapi or Kari Xtra Pedas)
Step 2: Answer the question “Terdapat TIGA (3) produk Mi Cawan Mamee yang mengambil bahagian di dalam Peraduan Mamee Makan Sampai Menang. Betul atau salah?
Step 3: Send your answer, unique code, I/C number and full name to +6016 372 6297 via Whatsapp.


For terms, click here.

Contest secrets are as follows:

Be ready to live on Mamee cup noodles for the next few months. This is a most entry/ highest purchase contest. At the end of each contest week, 6 participants with the highest number of entries will win the iPhone’s. Mamee is probably trying to boost their annual sales so they can please their shareholders with some nice figures next year!

Decide an amount you can afford to lose. Most entry/ highest entry contest is like gambling, except you still get the goods…I mean cup noodles. If the amount you can afford is the amount you think is good enough for top 6 positions, by all means, give this contest a shot. However, if you are tight on budget, I would advise you to avoid joining this contest. You don’t know how many crazy Apple fanboys out there who are willing to buy in cartons just to win the phone.

Focus all your entries on the same contest week. All entries will reset back to zero at the start of a new contest week. This means there is no point for you to send your entries separately on different weeks. You will want to focus everything on one contest week. The schedule of the 7 contest weeks are as follows:

· Week 1: 13 Nov – 19 Nov 2017
· Week 2: 20 Nov – 26 Nov 2017
· Week 3: 27 Nov – 3 Dis 2017
· Week 4: 4 Dis – 10 Dis 2017
· Week 5: 11 Dis – 17 Dis 2017
· Week 6: 18 Dis – 24 Dis 2017
· Week 7: 25 Dis – 31 Dis 2017

Buy Mamee Chef. Both Mamee Express and Mamee Sllrrrp only give you 1 point for each code. Mamee Chef on the other hand gives 2 points. In the long run, you get to save money (2 Mamee Express/ Mamee Sllrrrp are more expensive than 1 Mamee Chef), time to send your entries by half (since 1 code equals 2 points) and space to keep the cup noodles.

Good luck!


    • Send all your entries in the same contest week, top 6 highest of the week will win. However, after looking at the responses in Facebook when they announced the winners, spending RM500 might not even be enough for you to win. Too many Apple fans going all out on the contest…