Win a Honda BR-V (Ends 31/12/17)


Updated on 23 November 2017: Thanks to reader’s feedback, I now have more info on the contest.

Want to win a Honda BR-V, Samsung Galaxy S8 or some cash (RM200). Join the Darlie “Berus dan Menang” contest today! There are altogether 511 prizes up for grab!


Follow the 3 simple steps below to take part:


For terms, click here.

Contest secrets are as follows:

Remember to only purchase Darlie twin packs with the contest sticker. Don’t waste your money buying old stock that don’t have them and regret later. I visited Guardian, Caring and Watson near my place today, but I couldn’t find any yet for now.

Don’t buy one, but buy a bunch of them. Chances are there are only a few twin packs with actual prizes in each supermarket/ hypermarket. Buying a bunch of them might increase your chances of getting something. Better yet, target roadshows if you see any. My guess is that the “Samsung Galaxy S8” scratch cards can only be obtained from roadshows (but I could be wrong).

Rejoice even if you only get the RM200 cash prize! That’s your golden ticket to win the Honda BR-V. At the end of the contest, All Samsung Galaxy S8 winners and cash prize winners will be asked to submit a slogan. 100 finalist will be shortlisted based on the best slogan to attend the Grand Finale where the Honda BR-V will find its lucky owner!

Look for “specific” proxies. If you happen to get your hands on a few scratch cards with prizes and some killer killer slogans, do yourself a favor and look for young and healthy proxies. The Grand Finale could be an event that requires physical movement. You might want to avoid asking help from friends with asthma, pregnant ladies and senior citizens for this. The more “strong” people you have in the top 100, the better your chances to win the Honda BR-V!

Expect cheaters. I hate to break it to you but this contest’s mechanism attracts cheaters. Due to the scratch card situated within the packaging, don’t be surprise when you see torn packaging with the scratch card inside stolen. The scratch card is actually the packaging itself (see below). I would advise you to buy the ones that are still sealed because cheaters have a way to scratch the packaging without tearing it apart. The last image below was taken at AEON 1 Utama.



Each try will cost you RM16-18, it’s not cheap to join this contest. Join only if you need toothpaste!

Good luck!


  1. I just bought a multi pack. Its not easy to scratch the box. So the picture I see is lips. The words are not legible because the cardboard imprinted with the words gets removed together with the film. What dies it say?

    • Nice try. I really wouldn’t recommend people to purposely buy toothpaste just to join the contest. I’ve given up myself after a few tries as its not easy to win.