Win a Trip to Europe (Ends 30/11/17)


Want to win a trip to Europe for 2 (10D7N) worth RM15,000, a Samsung Galaxy S8 worth RM3,299 or a ESSENSO Gift Box worth RM65? Then the Discover, Experience, Savour ESSENSO contest might be just right for you!


To be in the running to win, follow the simple steps below:


The unique part of this contest is that you actually get to choose what you want to win.


For terms and the contest form, click here.

Contest secrets are as follows:

Winners will be selected based on lucky draw (division method). As a result, with enough luck, it is possible for one entry through purchase of one product to win. Based on this theory, there are 3 possible strategies you can use depending on what you want to win.

If you want to win “Discover” (The trip to Europe)

Focus your entries using one name. Travel vouchers are usually non-transferable. So, avoid using proxies. If you are confident that your entries will be right in the middle when organizer divides all qualified entries by 2, feel free to stack all your purchases in one receipt. Multiple entries in a single receipt is acceptable according to terms. Each ESSENSO product in a receipt counts as one entry.

If you are less confident, separate each of your ESSENSO purchase to one receipt per product. Spread out your entries by sending them at different days.

I believe most people will be going for this category as the prize value is almost 5 times the “Experience” category.

If you want to win “Experience” (Samsung Galaxy S8)

Use proxies. Stick to one product per one receipt for each of your proxy. Send the entries out at different days. Personally, I prefer this strategy over the first one because the chances of winning is better as there are 5 prizes in total. Furthermore, unlike trips, you don’t have to fork out your own pocket money and use your annual leave. The phones are easily sell-able for quick cash too.

Let luck decide your fate, choose both “Discover” and “Experience”

If you are itching to travel but at the same time also want a chance to win the phone. Send at least two entries using your name. Choose “Discover” for the first entry and “Experience” for the other one. Of course, at the end of the contest, you can only win one prize of the highest value. If you win the trip, you can’t win the phone.

Good luck!