Win a Perodua Bezza (Ends 30/11/17)


The Castrol Auto Service: Service and Win Contest is back! Yes, it’s the contest that gave me a Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge last year. This year, instead of giving Rolex Watches, they are giving out four (4) brand new Perodua Bezza as Grand Prizes! One (1) Samsung Galaxy S8 will also be given out each week for 8 consecutive weeks! As usual, the premium engine oil, Castrol EDGE will be given out as daily prizes.


To take part, follow the 3 easy steps below:


For terms, click here.

Contest secrets are as follows:

Ask if the workshop has the Castrol service scratch card before going for your service. You need the code from the card to take part in the contest. Surprisingly, some workshop listed in the Castrol Motorist directory don’t even have these cards. Remember, it’s a yellow card for Castrol EDGE and a green card for Castrol MAGNATEC. The scratch cards look like this last year:


Prepare a killer slogan! Winners will be decided based on the most creative slogan. The slogan needs to be within 140 characters. Good news is it can be in English or BM or within 50 characters for Mandarin. Think of a catchy slogan that describes the service provided by the workshop. That’s what I did to win last year.

If you want to win the car, ask for Castrol EDGE! Most of the time when the technicians see you drive a cheap car like mine that’s neither BMW or Mercedes-Benz, they will automatically replace your engine oil with Castrol MAGNATEC. If this happens, you will be locked out for the Grand Prize, the most you can win is a Weekly Prize as stated in the terms. Don’t be cheap and don’t be embarrass. Believe me when I say I was feeling a bit shy when I asked for Castrol EDGE the first time. I had to give the “I won’t be able to service my car for the next 8 months, so I need an engine oil that can last 10,000 KM” excuse.

Try not to service your car in Klang Valley. Looking at how diverse the locations of winners were in last year’s contest, I have a feeling that there is a hidden quota system. I believe the organizer was trying to have a fair distribution of winners from each state. I could be overthinking here, but if I’m right, this could impact your chances of winning significantly. Let’s say the organizer has already chosen 1 or 2 winners from Kuala Lumpur and Selangor, servicing your car in Seremban might give you a better chance in winning.

I tried getting my colleagues to join this contest, but all of them just couldn’t as their newly  purchased vehicle comes with 5-year free service. That’s too bad for them, but too good for us. I sincerely hope this could reduce the level of competition for an easier win!

Last but not least, I do hope they didn’t keep a record of me winning last year’s weekly prize for the purpose of blacklisting. I want to give this contest a shot again!!

Good luck!