Win a Trip to Keukenhof Gardens, Netherlands (Ends 31/10/17)


Want to win a trip to Keukenhof Gardens, Netherlands? Join the Air Wick contest today! There are also 100x Reckitt Benckiser products worth RM50 to be won as weekly prizes every week!

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To participate, purchase RM25 worth of Air Wick products in a single receipt. Send in the photo of the receipt via Whatsapp together with your full name, I/C number and answer to 012-6458311.


For the terms, click here.

The contest secrets are as follows:

Combo this contest with RB Merdeka 60 contest. Since you will be buying RM25 worth of Air Wick products, might as well use the same receipt to join the RB Merdeka 60 contest that only needs RM20 worth of Air Wick, Dettol, Harpic and/or Vanish products. The Whatsapp number for both contests are different. Furthermore, terms did not say you can’t do so.

Don’t spend too much on this contest. The RM50 worth of RB products (weekly prize) ain’t attractive enough to use proxies or for you to send in multiple entries. Also, the 4D3N trip to Netherlands only covers flight, airport transfer and accommodation. After reading the part on “Tickets to enter Keukenhof Gardens are not included”, I doubt pocket money will be provided. So, this trip brings you to the garden, but not into the garden? How misleading!

If you have some extra money to spend and to extend the stay, this contest is worth a shot. Good luck!