Win a Trip to South Korea (Ends 30/9/17)


Want to win a trip to South Korea for two worth RM10,000? Try your luck in the Rexona Korea Fever contest now! There are 2x Grand Prizes (the Korea trip), 3x Samsung Galaxy S8+ and 50x RM200 Seoul Garden vouchers to be won.


Follow the 4 simple steps below to take part in the contest:


Different Rexona products give different number of entries, refer to list below:

Rexona Roll On 50ml = 1 entry

Rexona Roll On 50ml Twin Pack = 2 entries

Rexona Spray 150ml = 2 entries

Rexona Spray 150ml Twin Pack = 3 entries

For terms, click here.

Contest Secrets are as follows:

Try to send at least one entry. Firstly, RM10,000 for a South Korea trip means you will have quite a comfortable stay. I’ve seen contest that offered only RM6,000 for the same destination. Secondly, Samsung Galaxy S8+ has a good demand if you plan to sell it. Lastly, winning one of the 50x RM200 Seoul Garden consolation prizes would easily cover the cost of your investments. All it takes to win is one entry because this is a lucky draw.

Go for the single 150ml spray. Looking at the Guardian online store (yes, it’s written in the terms that purchases from eCommerce site in Malaysia are acceptable), the promotional price for the 150ml spray is cheaper than Roll On Twin Pack even both of them give the same number of entries. It’s better to pay slightly more by buying two sprays individually than getting the Twin Pack for the extra 1 entry.

Using proxies. If you like the food in Seoul Garden or Samsung Galaxy S8+, feel free to use proxies to win more prizes. However, the prizes are strictly non-transferable. That means your proxy will not be able to give you his/her Korea trip. If you plan to travel with your proxy, that’s a different story.

Good luck and smell fresh!