Win RM25,000 Cash (Ends 30/9/17)


Want to win RM25,000 cash? Go for the Glade Cash Reward Campaign today.

Join the contest by following the 2 simple steps in the image below:


For the terms, click here.

Contest secrets are as follows:

Don’t send too many entries. Like the RB Merdeka contest, there is only one prize for this contest. Everyone will be losers except for one person. Furthermore, Glade tends to have 3-4 contests a year. You might want to save your air freshener quota for future Glade contests. However, I highly encourage you to send in at least one entry to try your luck. RM25 spending for a chance to get RM25,000, that’s just too attractive!

Don’t send in last minute. Winner will be decided by dividing the total qualified entry by 2. You will want your entry to be somewhere in the middle. Sending your entries during the last few days of the contest might leave them at the far end, minimizing your winning chances in the process.

I’ll be trying my luck for this one too. Good luck!

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C.H. Loh
By day, I work as an analyst for a government think tank. By night, I become an avid comper sharing juicy secrets (pros don't want you to know) on how to win some of the most amazing contests in Malaysia!