Win a Toyota Innova (Ends 30/9/17)


Here’s your chance to win a Toyota Innova or RM10,000 cash! Try your luck in the Reckitt Benckiser Merdeka 60 contest today!


To participate in this contest, follow these 3 simple steps:

  1. Purchase any participating Air Wick, Dettol, Harpic and/or Vanish product(s) worth RM20.00 and above in a single valid tax invoice during the Contest Period.
  2. Answer the challenge question: “The Grand Prize for Reckitt Benckiser Merdeka 60 Contest is a brand new Toyota Innova 2.0E AT.” True or False?
  3. Submit a full picture of the receipt and your personal details via WhatsApp to +6012-526 3391 following the format below and keep the receipt for verification purposes.

Format: <Name, NRIC, Purchased Amount, Answer>

Example: Mohamad Ali, 890917075110,RM25.50,True

For terms, click here.

Contest secrets are as follows:

Don’t spend too much on this contest. At the end of the contest only one person will walk away as winner, everyone else will be losers. There is only one prize and winning the car is not guaranteed. You will probably have to do the “1 in a 100 challenge” if you are the finalist. Last year, a similar contest was organized and I actually sent in 7 entries (I regretted sending so many entries). Anyway, the finalist only walked home with RM10,000 instead of a brand new car. Well, it’s better than nothing…

Try to send in at least one entry. Winners will be selected randomly using a computerized selection process. This is a lucky draw and a RM20 entry is sufficient to qualify you for the draw. You’ll never know if God decides to give you a lucky day!

Do your homework. Even if you don’t expect to win after sending in one entry, you should at least try to remember the name, the participating products and the prizes of this contest just in case you get shortlisted. As per terms, “Shortlisted Finalist will be required to answer the telephone challenge correctly.”

Avoid participating via Guardian. If you’ve read Guardian’s August 2017 brochure, you would notice a contest with the same name – Merdeka 60 contest. However, to participate, you will need to purchase Dettol, Veet and Scholl products worth RM20. If your receipt don’t have all 3 brands, you risk disqualification. Also, you could end up spending more than just RM20.

Good luck if you have decided to join!


  1. If You buy, dettol deep cleanse, should get join 2 contest.. Merdeka 60 and another contest win trip.. good luck..
    btw, i am a silent reader.. love your writing about contest from January. (y)

  2. Cam I know the list of winner where do you publish out? i’ve search everywhere and call up hotline, no one can answer, this is not fair to end consumers. Pls do let me know where the list publish out?