Win RM10,000 Cash (Ends 30/9/17)


Be in the running to win RM10,000 cash as Grand Prize when you join the Julie’s Hershey’s National Contest 2017! There are also other prizes like RM5,000 cash (1x 1st Prize), RM2,000 cash (2x 2nd Prize), RM500 cash (3x 3rd Prize) and RM100 worth of petrol voucher (50x Consolation Prize) to be won!


To take part, follow these 3 simple steps:

1. Purchase a minimum RM10 of any Julie’s Hershey’s products in a single printed receipt.
2. Snap a photo of receipt.
3. Whatsapp your entry to the number 011- 2069 1264 based on the format below.

JH <space> Name <space> IC no. <space> Invoice no.

Example: JH ALI BIN SAAD 751001105789 070217/10015/10/57745

For terms, click here.

Contest Secrets are as follows:

Send in at least one entry. Winners will be selected based on lucky draw. With such a huge Grand Prize (RM10,000) and big amount of prizes (57 prizes in total), I would send in one entry even if I have diabetes! One entry would cost you around RM16 – RM18, but winning a Consolation Prize (RM100 petrol voucher) would mean you will get 5 times return.

Use proxies. Terms clearly stated “Each Participant is entitled to only win one [1] prize throughout the entire contest period only”. In an ideal situation, you would want to use one name per entry. That’s how you maximize the amount of prizes you can win. If you are lucky, you could win big!

Never send entries back-to-back. Total number of qualified entries received during contest period will be divided by 7 to derive the winning serial number for the Grand Prize, 1st Prize, 2nd Prize and 3rd Prize. If you send your entries back-to-back, you might only be able to win one prize. Be patient, wait for a few days before you send in fresh entry.

Lastly, remember to keep your receipts! You will need to present them when you redeem your prizes, keep your receipt and your proxies’ safe at all times!

Good luck! I’m sending my entry soon!


  1. Hi, when you write ‘use proxies’, you mean you use someone else’s name to enter the contest, right?

    Since this is a Whatsapp contest, do you use the same phone no too? Or use different no?

    • Yes, using proxies mean you need to use a person’s name, phone number, address and other personal details. Always avoid using the same phone number for the same contest, organizer will smell something fishy if you do.