Win RM35,000 Cash (Ends 31/10/17)


Amirul, a Facebook Fan recently messaged me to ask me to write about this. Here goes…

Want to win RM35,000 cash? Pizza Hut “Scratch & Smile” Contest 2017 is giving you exactly that! There are 10x RM35,000 cash prize and 20x RM3,500 cash prize up for grab. Aside from that, there are 200x RM350 Pizza Hut cash vouchers, 2000x RM40 Pizza Hut cash vouchers and many more Pizza Hut products to be won!


All you need to do is purchase RM35 worth of Pizza Hut products in a single receipt via dine-in / online / take-away / delivery. Every RM35 purchase will give you 1 scratch card. This means you will get 2 scratch cards with RM70 purchase. Please take note that this offer is not valid for purchases made in Pizza Hut Express stores.

To redeem the prize, participants are required to call the number stated on the scratch card by 31st October 2017 and must answer two (2) questions related to the Contest correctly to be eligible for the Prize.

For terms, click here.

Contest secrets are as follows:

Winning the cash won’t be easy, but you will likely win a free meal. One thing about contest that uses “scratch cards” is that the cards with the big prizes are usually not out in the open. They are usually with the organizers, only to be released at specific time and venue. This is to avoid possible abuse from staffs and to ensure the big prizes are equally distributed across the country. It’s fine to try your luck, but don’t overspend because the probability of winning big is quite low.

Better to dine-in then call for a pizza delivery. With the term stating that “giveaway of scratch card is only valid on the same day of purchase at the same outlet with the original receipt”, you risk not getting any scratch cards if the delivery guy happens to “Whoops, I forgotten about the scratch cards”.

Good luck if you are giving this contest a shot!


  1. Hello Cj Loh, may I know if there is any Fb groups dedicated for Contests like this? I’ve joined some, but most are of small entrepreneurs promoting their products. I’ve liked this fb page as well. Just wanna broaden the perimeter 🤓