Win a Trip to United Kingdom (Ends 15/7/17)



Energizer is giving you a chance to win a trip to United Kingdom for two in their Transformers: The Last Knight’ Contest. There are also twenty (20) Consolation Prizes consisting of Energizer hampers worth RM500 each to keep your household “energized”!

To take part, purchase Energizer or Eveready product(s) worth RM15. Complete the contest form with your full details and drawing of a PowerBot (Powerful Robot), attach original receipt, and submit the form via post.

The contest forms can be obtained from the cashier area with Energizer or Eveready products in AEON, AEON Big, Giant and etc. I couldn’t find the forms online.

For the terms, click HERE.


The contest secrets are as follows:

Brush up your artistic skills! Who gets to go to United Kingdom depends on the best PowerBot drawing. Sorry, I can’t help much as my drawing looks like a 3-year old’s…

Don’t bother trying to draw a “Cool and Serious” PowerBot. Most people will probably try to draw something “Cool and Serious” like what you see in Transformers. However, that might not be good enough to let you score in creativity (10 points) and originality (10 points). So, draw something the judges will never see it coming. Make it funny!

Don’t just draw a robot. Aside from creativity and originality, 10 points will also be given to demonstrating power. Technically, drawing an “idle” PowerBot will cause you to lose 10 points. To show demonstrating power, the PowerBot needs to be seen doing something. Most people will probably forget or don’t know what to do about demonstrating power. So, grab that 10 points and take the lead!

If you can score in all three fields (creativity, originality and demonstrating power), you have a good chance in winning the Grand Prize. Good luck!