Win RM10,000 Habib Cash Voucher (Ends 31/7/17)



Want to win RM10,000 Habib Cash Voucher for your jewellery needs? Join the Lifebuoy Ramadhan contest today. There are also two 2nd Prizes (RM5,000 Habib Cash Vouchers) and five 3rd Prizes (RM2,000 Courts Cash Vouchers) to be won. 100 units of RM100 Kad Mesra Petronas will also be given out each week to fuel your balik kampung trip!


To participate in the contest, purchase RM20 worth of Lifebuoy products in a single receipt. Take a photo of the receipt and send it via WhatsApp or MMS to 014-933 8131. For details of each contest week, refer to the image below:


For more information, visit the official website HERE.


The contest secrets are as follows:

Each contest week last 10 – 11 days (not 7 days). Probably due to RM30,000 budget short (RM100 x 100 x3 weeks = RM30,000), the agency managing the contest decided to stretch each contest week by 3-4 days more to reduce the number of contest weeks by 3. So, if you are planning to send your entries on different contest weeks, check the weekly schedule above to avoid sending within the same contest week.

Split your receipts. Each receipt will only give you one entry (one serial number). Even if you purchase double the amount, it will still be considered as one entry. So, if you have RM40 worth of Lifebuoy products to purchase, split them into two RM20 receipts to maximize your chances.

Use Proxies. This is a lucky draw contest. Technically, there is a chance to win even with just one entry. You should be taking advantage of the 100 units of weekly prizes (RM100 Kad Mesra Petronas). Imagine if you invest RM100 (5 receipts using 5 different names) and 5 of your proxies manage to win the weekly prize, that’s RM400 profit!

Consider spending more for the top 8 prizes. For the top 8 prizes, 8 winners will be selected via lucky draw. However, the placing will be decided based on the highest purchase. Let’s say 7 out of 8 shortlisted winners only purchased between RM20 – RM80 of Lifebuoy products and the last guy purchased RM100 (cumulative throughout the contest). The last guy will walk home with RM10,000 Habib Cash Voucher. I can’t tell you how much to spend, but try to send more than one entry. Who knows, you might be lucky enough to face 7 people who only sent in one entry.

Good luck!