Win RM1,000 Cash [1,000 Winners] (Ends 9/7/17)


Want to win RM1,000 cash? You get to do so by joining the “F&N Sejuta Kemeriahan” contest. This contest runs for 10 weeks continuously until 9 July 2017. Each week, 100 winners will be selected to win RM1,000 weekly cash prize. That’s right, a total of RM1,000,000 cash will be give out throughout the contest!


To participate, purchase any five (5) 1.5L F&N products (all variations of F&N Fun Flavours, 100PLUS, F&N Seasons, OISHI and EST Cola). Don’t choose products with other promotional label (e.g. “Prosper for Gold”) because your entry will be disqualified. Answer one simple question and send the 5 bottle labels via mail to the designated address.


If you can’t find the contest form at hypermarkets / supermarkets, you can print the contest form yourself. Download the contest form HERE.


The contest secrets are as follows:

Use proxies like there is no tomorrow! This is a lucky draw contest. Imagine if the organizer receives 1,000 entries a week, with 100 winners each week, the probability of winning is 10%. The chances of winning are really high. You will want to use proxies because one name can only win one prize as stated in the terms. If you are sending 10 entries in a week, each entry should be using a different name to maximize your winning potential (see below). So, get your family and friends on board!

10 entries using the same name = 10 times the normal chances of winning = Potential maximum win, RM1,000

10 entries using the different name = Normal chances of winning = Potential maximum win, RM10,000

Rinse and repeat two weeks later. Your entries will only be in the weekly draw once. If you didn’t win, your entries won’t be carried over to the next. You will have to send fresh entries again which means you can reuse the names of non-winners (didn’t want to use the word “losers”). Weekly winners will be announced at the F&N Facebook page after two weeks. Which week your entry will be drawn depends on when the organizer receives your entry. Each contest week starts from Monday and ends on Sunday. If you are sending your entry on Friday, Saturday, or Sunday, it’s best to assume your entry will only arrive next week. So, plan properly!

Join early. You can expect more competition the longer you wait because more people will find out about the contest. With Raya around the corner, the competition will surge in late June 2017 making it harder to win. So, don’t hesitate to join as soon as you can!

Good luck! If you see a lot of “naked” F&N drinks in Raya Open House this year, you know the host is a kaki contest.

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C.H. Loh
By day, I work as an analyst for a government think tank. By night, I become an avid comper sharing juicy secrets (pros don't want you to know) on how to win some of the most amazing contests in Malaysia!