Win RM15,000 Cash (Ends 31/5/17)


Want to win RM15,000 cash to get yourself financially ready for the festive season? Join the “QL Eggs Cash Bonanza” contest today! There are also weekly prizes (RM3,000 cash) and daily prizes (RM1,000 cash) to be given out throughout the contest!


To take part, purchase any QL Eggs (QL Omega, QL Deli Fresh or QL Sakura 20s) in a single receipt. Send in your entry via SMS to 68886 according to the format below:


E.g.: QL 204891 JASON LIM 750311081234


For more info or winner’s announcement, please visit the Official QL Eggs Facebook page.

The contest secrets are as follows:

Split your receipts. Each receipt you have shouldn’t have more than one QL Eggs products. The reason is because each SMS you send doesn’t contain the amount of purchase. As a result, organizer will only consider one entry per receipt regardless of the number of products you purchase.

Consider sending your entries at 23:59 PM during weekdays. Even though it is stated that the 500th SMS of the day will be selected as the daily winner (RM1,000 cash), there is a loophole. In the terms, it was also stated that “If there are less than 500 entries in that day, the last entry received will qualify to be the winner”. It won’t be an easy win because compers who read the terms or this post will certainly exploit this. The only way to win is to bring it to the next level, do you have the guts to try sending at 23:59:59 PM?

Try collaborating with your family and friends. If you have more than one receipt, you should give them to your family and friends and ask them to send together with you around 23:59 PM. You can only send one entry at a time, but with family and friends, you can send together and increase your chances of winning. The more people you have the better the chance!

Focus on sending your entries within the same week if you plan to win the Weekly / Grand Prize. Weekly and Grand Prize winners will be decided based on the highest number of entries in the week / throughout the contest period. To be honest, I do not know how many entries you need to win the weekly prize. The idea here is to give it your all so that if you don’t win the Grand Prize (RM15,000 cash), you still get the Weekly Prize (RM3,000 cash).

Keep sending in entries even if you’ve won. I’ve seen on the Facebook page, same winner winning weekly and daily prizes. I’ve also seen the same winner winning two daily prizes. There is no restriction on how many prizes you can win. So, keep trying!

Last but not least, avoid wastage. Buy what you can eat and good luck!