Win iPhone 7 (Ends 28/5/17)



Keen to win iPhone 7, iPad Air 2 or GoPro Hero 5 Session? Join the “Jack ‘n Jill Potato Chips Gila-Gila Gadget” contest today! The three prizes mentioned above will be given out on a weekly basis. For consolation, 10 units of Touch n Go Card with RM30 preloaded value will be given out weekly as well.

To join this contest, purchase a minimum of RM5 worth of Jack ‘n Jill Potato Chips (any flavour and packaging). You will then have to send in your details (Name, IC, Email, picture of official receipt via WHATSAPP) to 011-3988 5431. Jack ‘n Jill Potato Chips with or without on-pack promo strip is accepted as a valid purchase.

For weekly winner’s announcement and more information about the contest, please visit the official contest website here.

The contest secrets are as follows:

Split your receipts. All you need is a minimum of RM5 in a single receipt. It wasn’t mentioned in the terms that every RM5 in the receipt will yield 1 entry (e.g. RM10 = 2 entries). So, don’t bother spending big amount of purchase in a single receipt. Instead, stick to purchase slightly above RM5 in a single receipt to maximize your entries.

Send more entries. This is a lucky draw contest. Sending in more entries won’t guarantee you a win, but it will certainly increase your chances of winning. However, please buy according to what you can consume and avoid wastage.

Use proxies. Ideally, if you have the budget, you should be sending 3 different names per week. Best case scenario, you and your proxies will sweep the top 3 prizes. However, the terms stated, “Each Participant shall only be entitled to one (1) Top 3 Prizes for this whole Contest.” So, get more proxies ready in case you need a swap if any of them win.

Avoid sending your entries and your proxy’s together at the same time. It is okay to send all entries under the same name together at once, but not with your proxies. This is because if the division method is used to select winners, only one of you will win. I would wait at least a day or two before sending to give “space” between my entry and my proxy’s.

Don’t use the same name, phone number and email for the following week. Looking at the time of winner’s announcement on Facebook, you will need to wait a week before the winners are announced. If you joined on week 1, you will have to wait for week 3 to know if you have won. If you do win one of the top 3 prizes in week 1, your week 2 submissions won’t be entitled for the top 3 prizes anymore. You should have six names on standby, three names for week 1, three names for week 2. You can use the names from week 1 again for week 3 if you didn’t win.

Don’t send too early or too late. Each contest week starts from Monday and ends on Sunday. It’s always safer to have your entries somewhere in the middle for lucky draws. Week 1, 2 and 3 have ended, but you can still strategize for the 5 upcoming weeks (Week 4: 24th April 2017 12:00AM – 30th April 2017 11:59PM, Week 5: 1st May 2017 12:00AM – 7th May 2017 11:59PM, Week 6: 8th May 2017 12:00AM – 14th May 2017 11:59PM, Week 7: 15th May 2017 12:00AM – 21st May 2017 11:59PM and Week 8: 22nd May 2017 12:00AM – 28th May 2017 11:59PM).

Good luck to you all!

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C.H. Loh
By day, I work as an analyst for a government think tank. By night, I become an avid comper sharing juicy secrets (pros don't want you to know) on how to win some of the most amazing contests in Malaysia!