Win iPhone 7 (Ends 31/12/18)



A fellow comper was kind enough to share this contest. Thanks again, you know who you are.


Want to win iPhone 7? You’re in luck! From 1 April 2017 until 31 December 2018, Appeton is organizing the “BigLink Contest” sponsored by BigLink. Yes, you got that right, this contest will be running for 92 weeks with a total of 92 iPhone 7’s to be given out. Every week, one lucky participant will be walking away with an iPhone 7. Best part is you don’t need to wait until 2019 to know the results because according to the organizer, the weekly winners will be announced on the Appeton Facebook page within 2-3 working days after the draw.

To participate in the contest, spend a minimum of RM10 on Appeton products at any retail outlets. Take a picture of the receipt (ensure the full receipt is visible and clear/readable) and send in your entry together with your full name and IC number via WhatsApp (012-320 3030). Keep the receipt for verification purposes.

WhatsApp example: Suraya<space>Binti<space>Ibrahim<space>880818088118

For more information and terms, please visit the official contest website.

The contest secrets are as follows:

Send more entries. Even though it wasn’t mentioned in the terms, the admin on the Facebook page has called this contest a “draw”. As a result, I shall assume this contest to be a lucky draw. It is absolutely possible to win with just one entry. However, to increase the chances of winning, the most direct way is to send in more entries. Do take note that if you don’t win, you will have to send in fresh entries to be in the running for the weekly draw again. I would advise you to buy according to what you can consume and avoid wastage.

More for less. All you need is a minimum of RM10 Appeton products. Most Appeton products are between RM20 to RM50 with the exception of the Appeton Vitamin C 30mg a-z Strawberry 60’s which is below RM20 (according to Guardian E-Store). The idea here is to spend as low as you can so that you can maximise your entries with the same amount of money spent.

Send your entries anytime. Each contest week starts from Saturday and ends on Friday. The organizer has informed me that the selection of winners will be through random draw. As a result, you can rest, relax and send your entries anytime during the contest week.

Use proxies. It wasn’t mentioned in the terms that a participant can only win one iPhone 7 throughout the entire contest period, it only says “each participant is only entitled for one prize per week”. However, I would advise not to take such risk. If you’ve won an iPhone 7 already, it is safer to start using proxies. Other participants might start asking questions if the same person wins the iPhone 7 more than once which is something most organizers want to avoid. So, make a deal with your family and friends to set up proxies.

I’ll be joining this contest to test out the strategies and keep everyone updated if I do win. If you are joining as well, good luck!


  1. I wan Iphone too…
    can i get my yi ma gu jie to buy and get the receipts from them but their name are stated on the receipt? when participating i will use my own name? doable?