Win a Trip to USA (Ends 18/6/17)



Want to win a trip to USA for four worth RM37,000? Join the OREO “Dunk & Win” contest today! You can also win iPhone 7 as weekly prize. The best part is there are 2 iPhone 7’s to be given out weekly for 14 weeks consecutively. That’s 28 units of iPhone 7 in total!


Joining the contest is easy, simply purchase the special edition OREO with the “Dunk & Win” contest packaging. Please note that the special edition is only available in vanilla and chocolate flavour. You’ll then have to SMS the 11-digit code on the packaging to +6019 6936 096. Remember to keep the packaging for prize redemption. For more info, refer to the picture below:


Weekly prize winners will be announced at the official contest website.

The contest secrets are as follows:

Send in as many codes as you can. This is a lucky draw contest. Sending in more entries is a sure-fire way to increase your probability of winning.

Use Proxies. With enough luck, it is possible to win with just one entry. Why not try your luck in winning more than just one iPhone 7? Try using your family members’ and friends’ name as proxies.

Avoid sending more than 2 names a week. With only 2 iPhone 7’s a week, you shouldn’t be sending in more than 2 names for each contest week (unless you want the T-shirt). Focus your multiple entries on a maximum of two names per week.

Wait for 3 to 4 weeks before sending in the same name again. Sending in entries using the same name every week is risky business. Once you sent in your entries for a certain week, you’ll need to wait 3-4 weeks before the winners are announced online. This means if you were selected to win an iPhone 7, your entries for the next and following weeks will be burnt. So, you should be alternating between your name and your proxies. Only send in fresh entries when you are certain your previous entries have lost in the weekly selection.

Good luck everyone! I am joining this too, not for the USA trip, but for the iPhones!


  1. Hi, for this contest, do I need to send the unique code only? or I have to include my name and ic number?

    Thank you,
    Best regards.

    • Yes, they are late in updating the winner for the last 3 weeks. Btw, you remember which week you joined? Check the week and see if your name is there. If shortlisted, you will surely get something if you don’t get the iPhone – the T-shirt.