Win a Volkswagen Beetle (Ends 31/7/17)


Found this contest on Latest Contest Facebook Page.

Want to win a Volkswagen Beetle? You have a chance to do so when you participate in the “Dare to Dream with Ricola” contest. You also stand a chance to win a Samsung 65” UHD Smart TV, an iPhone 7 and Zeiss VR ONE Plus Headset.


To take part, purchase any Ricola product/s at any participating retailer’s stores and submit your entry together with the official receipt online at the official contest website.

For the terms and conditions, click here.

The contest secrets are as follows:

One product per receipt. It is mentioned in the T&C that one official receipt is entitled to one entry. This means whether you have 1 or 10 Ricola products in a single receipt, it will only count as one entry. Inconvenient for participants, but this eases the job of the organizers because they don’t have to screen through thousands of receipts to count the number of Ricola products.

Be a cheapskate. Go for the cheapest Ricola products to optimize your entries. Since the T&C didn’t set a minimum amount of purchase, I would go for the 25g Swiss Herbal Mint which cost around RM3 – RM4. This way I will get more entries with my investment. I would also reduce the chances of wastage as I have less to consume.

Don’t send your entries late. As a former 1st prize winner of Shriro’s contest, I would discourage you to send your entries during the last few weeks of the contest period. The later you send in your entries the lower the chances of winning. Winners will be decided based on dividing the total number of qualified entries by 2.0, 2.5, 3.5 ad 4.5. Let’s say there are 10,000 entries, 5,001th entry and above will not be able to win the top prizes. Refer to the table below:

Prizes Winner’s Factor Winning Entry
Grand Prize 2.0 5,000th entry
1st Prize 2.5 4,000th entry
2nd Prize 3.5 2,857th entry
3rd Prize 4.5 2,222nd entry


Feel free to use proxies. This is a lucky draw contest which means even with one entry it is possible to win. Try sending in a few entries using proxies. You might end up winning more than one prize. Find someone you can trust, someone who you think is honourable enough to split the car with you.

Even if you are selected to win the Grand Prize, you probably will go through the “1 out of 100 envelopes” challenge. The chances to win the Beetle will be 1%. Looking at the bright side, if you don’t win, there is still a huge TV waiting for you. Good luck!




  1. I want to participate in this. i bought my ricola from the chain pharmacy. my receipt was not shown the item. just the product code.

    is that still eligible?

    • They didn’t specify. Usually, the entry which got the prize wouldn’t be drawn the second time. However, using your name again but sending a new entry should make you eligible again.

    • I’m not sure. Your entry that got drawn probably won’t be eligible anymore. Fresh entries might still do, I’ve sent a few myself after receiving the weekly prize.