Winning RM500 Weekly Cash Prize



I managed to win the RM500 weekly cash prize from “Cuti Sekeluarga Bersama Johnson & Johnson” contest which was held end of last year (November – December 2016). It’s quite easy to win if you follow the steps below:

Look at the amount of prizes offered. For this most entry contest, the organizers were offering 20x weekly prizes each week. This means if you’re the top 20 spender of the week, you will guarantee to win the weekly prize. This makes the contest very worth joining.

Decide an amount that can get you into weekly top 20. I was pretty sure that nobody will invest 40% of the weekly prize value. That means most people won’t spend more than RM200 unless they are aiming for the Grand Prize (RM20,000 Travel Voucher).

Make the purchases and send everything on the same week. Follow the terms and send in your entries according to how much you are willing to invest within the same week to lock in the prize!

Hope this helps!