Win Smartphone / Notebook / Tablet (Ends 30/4/17)


Want to win Smartphone / Notebook / Tablet? Join the Coca-Cola Open to Win 2017 contest today! You also get a chance to win daily consolation prizes like Spotify Premium membership, Golden Screen Cinema tickets, Burger King RM26 cash voucher, Marrybrown RM25 cash voucher and Subway RM20 cash voucher. There are a total of 16,128 prizes to be won.


To participate, purchase any bottle of participating brands (Coca-Cola’, ‘Coca-Cola zero’, ‘Coca-Cola light’, ‘Coca-Cola Vanilla’, ‘Sprite’, ‘Fanta’, ‘A&W’, ‘Heaven and Earth’, ‘Minute Maid Pulpy’, and ‘Aquarius’) with a unique yellow bottle cap with the contest details on it. Look under the bottle cap for a unique 10 digit code. Keep this bottle cap as proof of purchase until the winners have been announced. You then get to choose to participate via SMS or Website.

To participate via SMS, follow the format below:


SMS to 63001

To participate via website: Log onto the official contest website and follow the instructions.

Shortlisted winners will be notified via SMS before 31st May to log onto the website to answer the contest questions.

The contest secrets are as follows:

Send in as many entries as you can. This is a lucky draw contest, you can potentially win something with just one entry. However, the more entries you send in, the better the chances of winning.

Use Proxies. Even though T&C mentions “Each unique code is entitled to a maximum of one consolation prize and one grand prize only”, I wouldn’t take the risk of sending all entries using my name. You may win multiple daily prizes, but chances are they won’t pick the same name twice for the Grand Prize.

Avoid sending on Monday and Sunday. T&C stated that “The total number of Entries per week will be serialized and will be divided with the total entries by 2 to determine the winning serial numbers” As a result, you might want to make sure your entries are somewhere in the middle. I would try sending on Thursday or Friday.

Send in all your entries back to back. By doing so, you will get to secure a group of serial numbers in sequence. You might win less daily consolation prizes, but the chances of winning something will be significantly higher.

Buy 500ml instead of 1.5L. This way, you can maximize your entries with your investments and at the same time lower down your sugar intake by two thirds. However, some people believe that 1.5L caps stand a better chance to win the Grand Prize. I’ll let you be the judge of that.

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C.H. Loh
By day, I work as an analyst for a government think tank. By night, I become an avid comper sharing juicy secrets (pros don't want you to know) on how to win some of the most amazing contests in Malaysia!


  1. for this one, I bought the 320ml fro RM1 at speedmart. Found out about the contest a bit too late. Wish both of us can win, if you joined tho.

  2. I’ve win marybrown voucher and cinema ticket….the thing is i lost the screen shot of the winning id no…and i suppost to collect the prizes tmmrow at tropicana…any help please

    • Why not take all you yellow caps to the scene? They will check for your name and then you can ask them for the code linked to your name.

  3. Sorry for my late act.. i had sent about 50 to 60 caps using my other number 0176091301. Later i got a few messages that told me that i’m qualified to win the prize even in consultation.. and till now nothing happen

    • Did you register your details at the website given to them in the SMS? If you did, they will send you another message asking for your delivery address. Already got my vouchers.