Win a Trip to Australia (Ends 13/4/17)


Want to win a trip to Australia for two? Join the “Saya Sihat bersama Yeo’s” contest today! You also stand a chance to win a trip for two to Indonesia (2nd Prize) or Thailand (3rd Prize). Aside from that, there 5 weekly prizes each week in the form of RM250 sports gift vouchers to help you stay healthy!


To take part in the contest, follow the 4 easy steps below:


For more information, please visit the official contest website here.

The contest secrets are as follows:

Send in as many entries as you can. It is absolutely possible to win with just one entry as this is a lucky draw contest. However, you need to keep in mind that the travel vouchers given for the first 3 prizes are most probably non-transferable. As a result, you might want to focus your entries using your own name if you really want to win the trips.


It’s fine to send in one big receipt. Before you go ruin a cashier’s day by asking them for multiple RM5 receipts, it’s alright to consolidate your investments into one receipt. T&C indicated that “The number of entries accepted will be dependent on the net price of Yeo’s products printed on each receipt. Each purchase worth RM 5.00 in a single receipt is equivalent to an entry (e.g. RM 10.00 = 2 submission).” This means RM50 will give you 10 entries and RM100 will give you 20 entries. So, save yourself from the embarrassing moment of making the cashier’s life harder and the people behind you wait.

Good luck!