Win Volkswagen Polo 1.6 (Ends 28 Feb 2017)


Want to win Volkswagen Polo 1.6 this festive season? Join Unilever’s “Rambut Menawan Tahun Baru Ini” contest today. A total of 80x RM388 cash will also be given out as weekly prizes. That’s 10 weekly winners per week.


To be in the running to win, make a RM18 purchase of Clear / Dove / Sunsilk in a single receipt. Then write a creative greeting (slogan) using Clear / Dove / Sunsilk in less than 30 words. You will then have the option of sending the entry by post or by WhatsApp / MMS. Please look at the image below for further details:


The contest form can be downloaded here.

The contest secrets are as follows:

One name, one slogan, one entry approach. I’ve been joining this contest for almost 2 years in a row now to know that with a good slogan, one entry is sufficient for you to win. The winners will be selected based on the most creative slogan. So, buy a shampoo that’s slightly above RM18, save the money for extra entries using proxies.

If you have more than one amazing slogan, use proxies. Even if your slogans don’t win the Volkswagen Polo, winning the RM388 cash is still lucrative. However, avoid sending all your entries within the same week. Spread them out evenly across different weeks of the contest period. With only 10 weekly winners a week, you will want to increase your chances of winning by avoiding internal competition.

If the Grand Prize is your target, send your best entry during the last week of the contest.  Imagine this, you sent your entry early and you happen to have a killer slogan. The slogan is so good (Grand Prize worthy) and the judges liked it so much they have selected you as a weekly winner. Congratulations! You have just eliminated your chances of winning the Grand Prize because according to the T&C, one participant can only win one prize. So, keep your “trump card” up until the final moments of the contest. You might just win yourself a car.

trumpcard4Image Source:

Advice to the organizers:

This is one of the most highly anticipated contest in Malaysia of all times, mainly due to the scale of the weekly prizes. Every year, during the Chinese New Year period, Unilever will invest RM100,000 into this contest and the selection of winners will always be based on the best slogans.

For the past two years, RM1,888 cash were the weekly prizes given out, while the Grand Prize was RM28,888 cash. However, the organizers have decided to reduce the weekly prizes to RM388 in order to have a Volkswagen Polo as the Grand Prize. This is a bad move, it might look good for your public relations, your Grand Prize winner will feel top of the world, but your 80 weekly winners won’t be as happy as they used to. With the current economy, I’m sorry to say that RM388 can’t buy you much.

Also, why is a Chinese New Year themed contest asking for slogans in Bahasa only? If this is a Hari Raya Contest, I understand. If you can’t organize the contest in trilingual (BM / English / Chinese), at least do it in bilingual (BM / English).

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