Win MacBook Pro and Gadgets (Ends 15/02/17)


Want to win MacBook Pro and other cool gadgets? Golden Screen Cinemas (GSC) is giving out RM30,000 worth of gadgets for their 30th anniversary contest. There are altogether 389 prizes to be won. So, with a little effort, you will probably win something!



Joining the contest is absolutely free. Either take a photo or a 30-second video with the greeting “Happy Birthday GSC”. Next, you can either upload your entry via Instagram or WeChat. The details are in the image below:


For more information, please visit the official contest website.

Photo contest or video contest is not exactly my forte, but I will still share some contest secrets based on my observations. The contest secrets are as follows:

Go for video instead of photo. For contests like these, the organizer will give more points to videos over photos. The grand prize winner’s entry will most likely be a video. This is because shooting a video allows you to put in more content compared to a photo making your entry more interesting.

Keep you content original. I’ve seen quite a few entries doing a movie mashup and I personally feel that the warmth of “Happy Birthday GSC” is not there. I would recommend a more interactive video greeting with human touch (e.g. getting real people to shout happy birthday).

Think out of the box. By the end of the contest period, GSC will probably have over a thousand entries. Making a predictable video that is like what everyone is doing will probably get you nowhere. So, choose a picturesque location, add in a suitable background music, and use props! By doing what others are not means you are increasing your chances of winning. So, check the contest website regularly to see what your competitors are doing. You might get a good laugh to brighten up your day too!

Put more life into your video. Literally, this can be done by getting more people to do the greeting. I mean 10 people shouting “Happy Birthday GSC” together beats 1 person doing it anytime! This will put you ahead of your competitors who are going solo.

Go for proxies. Even though you can send in as many entries as you like, the most you can win is one prize. That is why if you feel that your entries are good, you should send them using proxies.

Good luck!