Win RM10,000 Travel Voucher (Ends 31/12/16)


Interested to win a RM10,000 travel voucher? You are in luck! For the month of December, Nivea is giving all their loyal customer a chance to win a RM10,000 travel voucher. A maximum of five Grand Prize winners can be selected to win a RM10,000 travel voucher. The “Share the Joy & Care” contest also gives participants a to win Action Camera worth RM550 and a Nivea Care hamper worth RM50.


To be in the running to win a RM10,000 travel voucher, you will need to purchase RM15 worth of Nivea / Nivea Men products. You will then have to “like” Nivea’s Facebook page, upload the photo of the receipt (proof of purchase) and submit your entry here.


The contest secrets are as follows:

Don’t bother so much about the slogan (Nivea Joy & Care Moments). Whether you send in the world’s best slogan or the worst, it doesn’t really matter. The winners will be selected based on the sequence of submission. To win a RM10,000 travel voucher, you need to be the 500th, 1,000th, 1,500th, 2,000th and 2,500th entry. It’s a kind of lucky draw. So, don’t worry about the slogan, just pray for your entry to be the 500th entry.

Split the receipts. You only need RM15 worth of purchase in a single receipt to participate. Most of the Nivea products are above RM15. So, if you are buying two or more items, ask the cashier to split the receipts. High value receipt won’t increase your chances of winning, but the number of RM15 receipts you send in will.

Chain your submissions. Instead of randomly sending in your submissions (eg. Different day and time), send all of them on the same day and almost at the same time. By doing so, you can cover a certain range of the sequence to increase your chances of winning. For example, if the sequence is at 495th right before you send in 6 entries consecutively, you will be able to cover the range from 496th – 501st making you one of the Grand Prize winners. Doing so will also significantly increase your chances in winning the other prizes.

Good luck in bringing your family for a holiday by winning a RM10,00 travel voucher!