Win a Volkswagen Polo (Ends 31/12/16)



From 1 September till 31 December 2016, just purchase any MERCI & Werther’s Original product and stand a chance to drive home a Volkswagen Polo Trophy Limited Edition. You can also win a Sony 65” Full HD LED TV, a Samsung Galaxy Note 5, a Huawei Smart Watch and Movie Passes from the “Indulgent Treats, Magical Moment” contest.

There are 3 way to join this contest. You could join via normal mail by attaching the receipt to the completed entry form and send it to the designated address. You can also join via WhatsApp by taking a picture of the receipt and send it to +60122088779 together with you Fullname, NRIC and Address. Another option is to join by uploading the picture of the receipt and your personal details here. Both WhatsApp and Facebook method will require you to keep the receipt for verification purposes.

Here are some simple winning secrets:

Send in as many entries as you can. This is a lucky draw contest, even though there is a “possibility” for you to win just by sending 1 entry, the only way for you to increase that “probability” is by increasing the number of entries. You could choose to use proxy to increase the number of prizes you could win, but I would only encourage that if the proxy is your spouse or a close family member. Split the winning will be a difficulty if you really happen to win the car.

Don’t send in your entries last minute (eg. a few days to a week before the contest ends). Winners selection will be based dividing the total entries received by 2.0, 2.5, 3.5 and 4.5. This means if your entries were among the second half of total entries received, you will not win anything from 3rd Prize onward. If 10,000 entries were received, the 5000th entry will win the Grand Prize, while the 2222th entry will win the 3rd Prize. The 5001st entry to 10,00th entry will only win you movie passes the most.

Be a cheapo and purchase only Werther’s Original Classic Cream Candies 50g. The terms did state that each product is equivalent to one entry. Each Werther’s Original (50g) only costs RM2.75 – RM3.00, while the cheapest MERCI product cost around RM13.00. For the same price, you can get 4x more entries to secure your winning.

Try your luck today, you might get a belated Christmas gift from Santa!